Kitchen Emission Control System

Kitchen Emission Control System

Smoke & grease are at every surface of your kitchen, resulting in a smelly, sticky, unsanitary mess during the business hours.

As a retail developer, building owner, tenant, architect or engineer, knows how much a restaurant could add value your venue. But you’re also aware of the environmental issues that can result from annoying smoke and greasy odors emitting from kitchens, as the headaches that result from designing them.

As a restaurant owner or manager, you can ensure better performance from your cooking equipment and even extend its service life by keeping up with a filtering replacement program.

Eliminate Grease , Smoke and reduce odour (by optional ADD ON system)

Grilling, frying and charbroiling emissions can become a neighbourhood nuisance if not properly controlled. Visible smoke and odor may alert authorities to possible compliance problems. Clean air is the foundation of positive image in the community. SMOG-HOG® kitchen emission control systems keeps the air free of annoying smoke and greasy in retail and near high rise buildings.

Different types of cooking process generate different emissions, and all of this contribute to the undesirable and unsightly oil laden smoke emitting from the exhaust. SMOG-HOG® kitchen emission control systems leave management to focus on restaurant operations by virtually eliminating any concern about environment emission and odor complaints. (by filtering /trap oil mist, grease, fumes, smoke and reduce odour).

SMOG-HOG provides the best value in kitchen emission control, eliminates fume problems and saving you money in a variety ways;

  • Minimum ducting is required with our configurations, saving fume problems and saving expensive runs if heavy – gange , welded exhaust ducting
  • Maintenance is minimal because SMOG-HOG’s aluminum collection cells are easy to clean and could be reuse, eliminating the costs associated with filter replacement and disposal. In place cleaning is also available for fully automate the maintenance process.
  • Assure compliance with even the strictest federal, state or local environmental standards. Meeting air quality needs up front eliminates unexpected retrofit costs later.

What is Kitchen Exhaust Emission Control

Eliminate smoke caused by kitchen cooking emissions. With Smog-Hog PSG air cleaning systems. Smog-Hog, a well-known name in the commercial kitchen exhaust and air cleaning industry, uses electrostatic precipitator (ESP) technology to remove grease and odors from cooking processes for cleaner air. So, there is no need for costly filter replacements—just routine service cleanings are required.

The most effective electronic precipitator (ESP) unit on the market today is the guine SMOG HOG,manufactures only by United Air Specialists (UAS). No other ESP unit can match it for efficiency, effectiveness and long term cost saving for the collection of oil smoke, greases and oil mist, thats because for more 50 years UAS, UAS has invested in constant improvement of electrostatic precipitator technology. UAS invested in constant improvement of electrostatic precipitator technology. USA now offers the most advanced ESP units available.

Smog-Hog kitchen exhaust emission control systems are customized, and can be installed within an existing structure as well as specified with new construction. Additionally, Smog-Hog can be programmed into a building maintenance system to operate and self clean as required by business operations.

We’ll work with you from the planning stages of a new development with a custom-designed SMOG HOG system to serve your particular requirements.

Smog-Hog Electrostatic Precipitator Filtration Technology

Electrostatic precipitation (ESP) technology is the key to the superior performance of our industrial mist collectors. Unlike bag or box filters that remove only the largest particles, ESP electrically charges even microscopic contaminants, then captures them magnetically in an aluminum collection cell. As a result, this sophisticated electronic solution leaves virtually no grease or hazardous particle untouched, releasing only clean air from the system. United Air Specialists’ ESP technology ensures constant airflow, unlike barrier filters that can plug and become ineffective.

EPs are the most preferable type of greasy fume control equipment. They effectively collect oil mist and the removal efficiency exceeds 90%. Kitchens that involve frying processes are advised to adopt this equipment for the control of greasy fumes.

EPs uses an electrostatic field to remove greasy fumes. Airborne particles or liquids are electrically charged under an intense electric field and then collected by charged collector plates. Since the accumulation of grease on the collector plates reduces the removal efficiency, EPs should be cleaned and serviced regularly.

Its not just the ESP technology that provides superior cleaning. Unlike competitve ESP cells, UAS’ collection cell plates are aligned more closely to improve collection cells plates are aligned more closely to improve collection cells are much easier to handle than competitive cells that weight 36Kg or more.

This provides continually high collection- efficiency over a variable range of cooking conditions- efficiency over a variable range of cooking conditions. In the unlikely event of a power pack failure, UAS also provides multiple power packs so that the entire system need not be shut down.

Hotels should consider choosing the EP models equipped with auto-cleaning systems because these systems can regularly eliminate the grease accumulated on the collection plates. As a result, this type of EP can maintain high removal efficiency without the need for frequent cleaning. EPs can be divided into two categories: duct type. These two types of EPs have their own advantages and both can achieve high oil mist removal efficiency.


Cooking food produces a complex misture of mostly sub-micron particles, which are by nature sticky/tacky and are generated in relatively large quantities. Offenive oil mists & smoke are generated from restaurant exhaust. By keeping the ductwork clean, neighborhood complaints of settles grease on their parking lots, buildings and property can be eliminated.


Clean air is the foundation of your positive image in the community. A Smog Hog kitchen emission control system keeps the air free of annoying smoke and grease in retail developments and near high rise buildings.


SMOG HOG effectively cleans the grease laden air exhausted from restaurant hoods, eliminating the visible exhaust plume and reducing exterior maintenance.


Smog Hog has the highest – rated air cleaning efficiency in the industry (95-99% efficient by particle count and 99.9 % by weight). Our systems assure compliance with even the strictest federal, state and local environmental standards, meeting air quality needs up front and eliminating unexpected retroit costs later.

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