Water damage caused by flood water, leak from a damaged pipe, or roof leakages is a costly affair. Restoration works are time consuming and non-productive at the same time. During this time, all resources are directed to restore and remediate in the shortest possible time to alleviate economic losses.


You need to serve your customers ASAP.


An important aspect of water damage restoration is remediation of moisture damage and mold problems, AAQ offers the proper equipment to dry, dehumidify & disinfect the damaged areas.

  • Wet vacuum systems
  • Radiant heaters
  • Industrial dehumidifiers
  • Air Sterilizers
  • Air cleaning systems
  • Hygrometer & moisture detectors


Mitigate the damages in the fastest possible time to allow the builders & renovators to start work. Restoration Contractors are most welcome to work together with us.

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