Electronic Air Cleaners

Honeywell Commercial Electronic Air Cleaners

AAQ is the pioneer and largest solutions producer of Air Treatment Systems in Malaysia. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic health crisis, Malaysia and the surrounding region were constantly enveloped by the annual and seasonal haze as a result of after harvest burning that result in forest fires at times. AAQ has been awarded numerous projects to install Honeywell electronic air cleaners and UV sterilizers in hundreds of commercial buildings to improve their Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and to protect the occupants from various airborne contaminants.
These commercial electronic air cleaners are electrostatic precipitators (ESP) designed to remove the finest particles down to 0.01 microns in size. Honeywell electronic air cleaners can be installed individually in the room or for centralized indoor air quality control in the air handling unit (AHU, FCU). Honeywell electronic air cleaners are engineered with their proprietary high efficiency power supply pack that is energy efficient and has passed stringent international standards.

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