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Commercial kitchen exhaust system discharges a high volume of oily smoke, grease, and odor from the building. This results in unsightly smoke seen from the exhaust grilles of the buildings, greasy and oily stains on the walls visible from near and far and degrades the building’s image. Local city council guidelines have since been updated to deter this nuisance discharge and require air filtration and treatment systems for better public care and the environment. Building owners too have recognized this issue that is affecting their image and the high operation costs in maintenance.

The Smog-Hog commercial kitchen emission control system solves smoke and grease issues. We represent Smog-Hog, the global leading commercial kitchen exhaust treatment that employs electrostatic precipitator technology (ESP) to eliminate oily smoke, grease, and odor. This keeps the kitchen exhaust system working longer and enhances building air quality. Smog-Hog has been proven in numerous reputable and famous buildings all over the world, from New York to Beijing.

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Kitchen Emission Control System

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