Excellent corrosion resistance

Ceramic fibre paper as basic materials is prepared for anti- corrosive and anti-salt applications. Aluminum sets are also treated to be anti-corrosive.

Excellent Effect in odor transfer prevention

When the total heat exchanger is operated, a very small quantity of ammonia gas in the building (from toilet, etc) passes through the rotor and could be adsorbed with the rotor, and cross-contaminates, in order to prevent this, we are employing a special adsorbent which can only absorb moisture and pass alkaline gas through into the atmosphere. So the cross- contamination of ammonia gas in the rotor can be completely prevented.

Anti-Germ and mold proof effect

The anti-germ and anti mold agents cover the whole surface of the honeycomb rotor. They are thermally and chemically stable and durable. As they dissolve little in water, the rotor can be washed with water. The anti – bacteria and anti –mold property prevents the propagation and survival of bacteria and mold when they directly touch the surface of the honeycomb. This eliminates cross contamination associated with other rotors in the market.

Excellent energy saving

The rotor rotating in a counter-flow method produces high efficiency for energy recovery. Unlike other makes, the Hi-Panex does not require a purge sector which enables it to achieve an even higher total energy recovery in both sensible and latent energy.


Technical Specifications

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