As the air conditioning system cycles on and off, the air conditioner gets damp, cold and warm. This wet, dark environment is a perfect breeding ground for mold, bacteria and viruses. Return air from air handling unit deposits mold spores and bacteria on the moist coil surfaces. Krystalair® Ultraviolet Air Treatment System KADM Series short Wavelength UVC with 253.7nm has been proven effective to deactivate airborne disease transmission and viruses. Krystalair® Ultraviolet (UVC) Air Treatment System irradiate cooling units with high-output (800mA) UVC energy that eliminates surface contaminants (mold, bacteria and other microbial biofilms) and reduce infectious airborne microbial contaminants, bringing improved IAQ to hotel motel rooms, dormitories, offices, patient rooms, classrooms and other similar rooms. By installing Krystalair® Ultraviolet Air Treatment System KADM series you can effectively control mold, bacteria and viruses growth inside duct or coil. It consists of UVC Lamp, long lifespan high output electronic driver and all necessary hardware components to slot into the duct including UV resistant cables, hour meter, ventilation fan. KADM slot-in design fits all common duct sizes.

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