Our Smog-Hog electrostatic precipitator (ESP) mist collectors prevent hazardous emissions from escaping into the atmosphere. Situated inside or outside a facility, these modular systems mist and fume collectors use a combination of filtering processes to precondition and clean even the most polluted air-streams. Developed specifically to collect heat-generated organic vapors and particulate, our mist collectors control hazardous emissions which pose a threat to the environment and your business.


PSH Series

The SMOG-HOG PSH series of mist/ fume collectors prevents hazardous emissions from escaping into the outdoors. Situated inside or outside a facility, these mist collectors are an ideal solution for capturing emissions from asphalt, plasticizers, textiles and others manufacturing process.

The SMOG-HOG PSH system uses two stage ESP technologies, which combines an ionizer and collection cell. The ionizer charges contaminants and the collection cell section removes them. PSH SMOG-HOG mist/ fume collectors take submicron particles out of the air and elimination of costly compliance problems.


Air flow Capacity: 750 to 40,000cfm

The PSH series offers the higher efficiency levels in emission collection, with the ability to handle airflow applications ranging from 750 to 40,000CFM. Each system comes equipped with ionizers, which effectively charge particles and ensure even distribution of energy across collection cells.

PSH units use a nonlethal, UL-listed power supply for safe operation and maintenance by specially trained plant personnel. The low-energy, self-regulating power supply adjusts voltage based on contaminant loading, assuring safe and continuous operation at the highest efficiency level.



  • Airflow applications ranging from 750 to 40,000cfm
  • Ionizers and collection cells Unique airfoil design with convoluted insulators and heavy- duty tungsten ionizer wires ensure maximum efficiency, reduced maintenance and long life.
  • Power Pack
    Electronic circuitry with self-regulating components for maximum collection of emissions.
  • Impingement battle pre filter
    Adjustable interlocking ‘c’ channels provide tortuous path for ‘even’ airflow distribution and collection of large contaminants
  • In-place cleaning system
    Fixed-face and overhead wash headers clean collection components in place. PLC controlled for optimum cleaning and maintenance cost reduction


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