Smog Hog Kitchen Emission Control System PSG Series


SMOG HOG® Kitchen emission control systems are customized and can be installed within an existing structure as well as specified with new construction. Additionally, SMOG-HOG® can be programmed into a building maintenance system to operate and self clean as required by business operations.

Our wide selection of configurations and sizes, ranging from 825 – 22,000CFM, is ideal for virtually any building design parameter and performance requirement. So regardless of kitchen hood size, our emission control systems provide for the ultimate flexibility in location. Feel free to mount our systems through exterior walls, on top of buildings, inside mechanical rooms or above the ceiling.



  • Highest efficiency removal of the widest range of particle size
  • Easily cleaned and reusable ESP collection components eliminate filter replacement and disposal
  • Low energy consumption
  • Less frequent maintenance is required as collected liquid coalesces and drains off aluminum ESP collection components -Maintains consistent airflow at all times
  • Collection of coils and coolants for reuse Highly effective collection of both oil-and water based coolants
  • Flexible intake configurations for generals area or source capture
  • 22 different mist collection models to accommodate application needs.
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