Science of Electrostatic Precipitation & Honeywell Electronics Air Cleaners

honeywell electronic air cleaner

Science of Electrostatic Precipitation & Honeywell Electronics Air Cleaners


An electrostatic precipitator, also called electrostatic air cleaner or electronic air cleaner (EAC) is a device that uses an electric charge to remove impurities, either solid particles or liquid droplets, from the air.

A Honeywell two-stage electronic air cleaner consists of two sections – a charging section and a collection section. A high voltage is applied to the ionizing wires to form a strong electric field between the wires.

Electrons present in contaminated air containing pollutants such as fine dust, smoke particles, pollens, mould spores and bacteria are pushed at high velocity (due to strong Coulomb Forces) from the negative charged electric field to the positive charged electric field. Along the way they collide with the contaminants, releasing more electrons.

The ionized particles are moved by the moving air into the strong electric field at the collectors and are trapped at the charged collector plates

honeywell electronic air cleaner

The electronic air cleaner functions by applying energy only to the particulate matter being collected, without  significantly impeding the flow of air.

honeywell electronic air cleaner


The key to lower your Ecological Footprint

An ecological footprint is a measure of human impact on Earth’s ecosystems

Honeywell EACs offer various benefits in commercial HVAC applications

  • Reduced pressure drop across the EACs a compared with conventional media-type air filters.
  • No decrease in airflow due to increasing restriction as particulates are captured unlike media-type filters.
  • Up to 5% reduction in fan power energy consumption and cost

Unlike conventional media filters that are disposed of at the end of their service life, Honeywell’s electronic cells and pre-filters are washable and reusable. Typical life span of Honeywell EACs is 15 years. Disposable media air filters clog up landfills or if they are incinerated in land scarce countries like Singapore, greenhouse gases are released into the environment, exacerbating global warming.

Honeywell EACs have been independently tested and verified by LMS Technologies Inc a reputable third party testing in the United States

Source: Honeywell Brochure

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