Four (4) Pillars of UVC Disinfection for Healthcare – Pillar Two

Four (4) Pillars of UVC Disinfection for Healthcare – Pillar Two

Pillar Two – Mobile Room UVC Robots for Surface Disinfection

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that hospital acquired infections (HAIs) account for 1.7 million infections, annually, in American hospitals alone ( Hospital patient rooms, recovery rooms, operating rooms, triage rooms, and any other locations in a healthcare facility that are used repeatedly to house infected hosts, are known to be “flashpoints of infections” from person to person. Patients in healthcare setting are at increased risk of HAIs from exposure to organisms that are transmitted between patients and healthcare workers. And surfaces in areas touched by infected hosts can leave infectious residue waiting to transfer and incubate, in new hosts. This process will continue infecting unsuspecting patients and healthcare staff.

American Ultraviolet Pillar Two of the “Four Pillars of UVC Disinfection for Healthcare” are the mobile room disinfection robots. American Ultraviolet has designed these robots with the goal of targeting zero infections in the environment around the patient. Sam Guzman, American Ultraviolet’s Global Healthcare Sales Director, states that “Having the most comprehensive made in the USA product offering for mobile UVC “robots” has been a great advantage for our customers, because they can choose exactly the right size mobile unit for their respective environment. Our mobile UVC fleet covers all sizes of environments, and the high-performance, user-friendly, rugged, and non-intimidating designs have made them true customer favorites…plus they are affordable!” No matter the UVC mobile device size, they all have several important features in common: Medical grade certified high performance UVC lamps, coupled with on-board pre-programmed pathogen inactivation cycles, remote control and 360-degree safety features. There are four mobile solutions to choose from: the Mobile Room Solution (MRS) series, which consists of the MRS14, MRS33, and MRS45; and the state-of-the-art ARTZ2.0 (Automatically Reliably Targeting Zero).

The ARTZ2.0 has been rapidly growing into a new customer favorite for applications where pathogen inactivation speed is critical. Equipped with 24 medical grade UVC lamps that are designed to run continuously at maximum intensity allows for a very quick disinfection turn-around, even in larger spaces. Time savings = cost savings. ARTZ’s sophisticated and intuitive controls package features data logging, is able to monitor productivity, and, because of internal diagnostics, is very user-friendly, and can be easily controlled and operated by any Wi-Fi enabled device. A hard case covering that protects the lamps during transport can also be used as a quick set-up if a barrier to a room or location is needed.

Allowing the mobile UVC robots to perform their disinfection job of inactivating the desired pathogen(s), and validation methods, have been critical components when it comes to establishing device efficacy. American Ultraviolet empowers clients with the use of Dosimeter indicator cards to validate that sufficient UVC dosage was delivered.

All environments are unique, and many have various reflective surfaces, however, absorbing surfaces need to also be considered during device operation. What this means is that without a radiometer, or Dosimeter card, placed at or near critical surfaces (e.g. high touch points) during commissioning of a device, it will be “unknown” if the target dose was delivered. This validation step should be performed for all UVC mobile robots no matter what detection methods the device manufacture claims.

A current market demand is to have a fully autonomous version of mobile UVC disinfection devices. As the industry leader, American Ultraviolet has the opportunity to work with some of the most advanced robotic and automation companies on the planet to develop new solutions. The latest innovative result is “Techi UVC”, a fully automated, autonomous disinfection robot. In a joint development with Techmetics Corporation, and Clear Focus LLC., American Ultraviolet has once again set the standard for the most innovative UVC equipment on the global market by introducing the Techi UVC autonomous robot. Techi UVC has the longest battery life available, offers multiple cycle settings, and is designed to minimize the need for human interaction. As with all products manufactured by American Ultraviolet, safety and performance were paramount during the design phase.


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