Introduction To The Four (4) Pillars of UVC disinfection

Introduction To The Four (4) Pillars of UVC disinfection

Just like Lego building blocks – The Four (4) Pillars of UVC disinfection

The following is an excerpt from Health Europa August 2020 – click here to read entire article.

American Ultraviolet uses the most comprehensive approach to UVC disinfection to safely cover all areas in a building, and we do so with a special focus on reducing pathogens in the environment. This is the core concept behind the Four (4) pillars of UVC Disinfection. Since it is known that UVC reduces pathogens in air, and on surfaces, a multi-prong approach can be used inside a building – treating air coming through the HVAC system; in-room air with continuous upper air disinfection; treating air and surfaces at the same time with mobile UVC solutions; and direct surface-mounted systems. The four (4) Pillars of UVC Disinfection are a logical step for any indoor environment, because the environment can be outfitted over time with solutions that provide100% UVC protection and, just like with Lego building blocks, the solutions can be customized to fit the specific environment and applications.


Four (4) Pillars of UVC Disinfection for Healthcare – A Closer Look

As part of American Ultraviolet’s effort to provide you with a complete disinfection solution, and help you facilitate the implementation of an effective and efficient UVC disinfection program, the American Ultraviolet Four (4) Pillars of UVC Disinfection for Healthcare looks at the entire facility, and the main routes of transmission for pathogens. The “Four (4) Pillars of UVC Disinfection for Healthcare” provide layers of protection to safeguard building occupants and staff.

Healthcare facilities, and highly populated spaces, unfortunately, can quickly become a breeding ground for pathogens, hence infections. Because Environmental Services is often overwhelmed with daily tasks, and is trying to keep up with proper touch point cleaning, in order to reduce hospital-acquired infections, they often miss the 100% clean mark. Time is money in the healthcare settings, where it is also mandatory to clean, or terminal clean, a patient room as quickly as possible, resulting in many areas missed and not properly disinfected. The same is true in all other environments where cleaning staff is often overwhelmed and simply cannot clean all surfaces to prevent transfer of pathogens form surfaces to hands. Sick people, and their caregivers, including many with suppressed immune systems, are often grouped together in close quarters, and office workers share break rooms, restrooms, and meeting rooms, making them highly susceptible to community-acquired infections. Healthcare facilities worldwide must therefore be cognizant of these “flashpoints of infection,” which include: Common areas where people gather and then disperse; areas used repeatedly by infected hosts; equipment used to treat/transport/house infected hosts; air circulating, and re-circulating, throughout facilities that are shared by patients, staff, and other occupants. Each flashpoint needs specific attention designed to mitigate the risk of infection. American Ultraviolet developed the necessary UVC disinfection solutions for each flashpoint with its unique approach – the “Four Pillars of UVC Disinfection for Healthcare” program. Concern over healthcare-associated infections is now being replaced with the fears of COVID-19 overwhelming the healthcare industry on a global scale. To help reduce the spread of infection, and associated costs, healthcare facilities worldwide are using ultraviolet disinfection at all “flashpoints of infection” as a preventative action by implementing the four pillars in combination, or in phases. Depending on budget, and highest risk, the 4 pillars of disinfection are often integrated in various orders. Let us take a closer look at the 4 pillars.


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